Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dark Emissary


     A few weeks ago I was moving the Closet of Lost hope into its new homes of the The Cabinets of Multiple Despairs.  I came across some of my old models.  So I decided to occasionally bring one out and finish it.

     Back in 2001 GW released the Dark Shadows campaign, and of course I picked it up.  I never did get to play any of the games or use the models, but that didn't matter.  I found one of my Dark Emissary models in the half painted state he got stored away in.  Probably because I couldn't decide on a color scheme and a new shiny was always right over the next horizon.

This is state I found him in.

    So I have had this model for over a decade, because I know picked him, a fenbeast and a truthsayer up directly from the store.   The model is still a great sculpt, and has held up well.  So after a new coat of primer and a bit of paint, this is what I have.

    Not to bad for a few hours worth of painting.   As a bonus I now have a human sized model for scale pics, if I ever need one.

     Also the idea occurred to me, for a army of Fenbeasts led by some Dark emissaries and a few Albion giants.  But that would be a expensive group to put together, would be interesting though...


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Malifaux: Jack Daw Crew Finished...


     I put the final touches on my Jack Daw crew this morning.

Jack Daw


Another Hanged. 

Lady Ligeia


This is my least favorite of the crew.  The blood and gore matches the model, but it detracts from the color scheme a bit.

 The bed turned out better than I thought it would
And i'm glad I took the time to base it floating.  Wouldn't have fit on the base otherwise

Convict Gunslinger.
  I put a noose round his neck to make him fit in with the theme

Figured a noose would detract from the model.

I think this may be my favorite model in the crew

On the Tablewar tray

They turned out better than I thought they would.  I do like the orange, I may have to use that again.
So what do ya'll think.