Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dark Emissary


     A few weeks ago I was moving the Closet of Lost hope into its new homes of the The Cabinets of Multiple Despairs.  I came across some of my old models.  So I decided to occasionally bring one out and finish it.

     Back in 2001 GW released the Dark Shadows campaign, and of course I picked it up.  I never did get to play any of the games or use the models, but that didn't matter.  I found one of my Dark Emissary models in the half painted state he got stored away in.  Probably because I couldn't decide on a color scheme and a new shiny was always right over the next horizon.

This is state I found him in.

    So I have had this model for over a decade, because I know picked him, a fenbeast and a truthsayer up directly from the store.   The model is still a great sculpt, and has held up well.  So after a new coat of primer and a bit of paint, this is what I have.

    Not to bad for a few hours worth of painting.   As a bonus I now have a human sized model for scale pics, if I ever need one.

     Also the idea occurred to me, for a army of Fenbeasts led by some Dark emissaries and a few Albion giants.  But that would be a expensive group to put together, would be interesting though...


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