Thursday, April 21, 2016

Upgrades finished...


     So I am calling this done.   I am still printing out something to hold up backdrops while taking pics, if that works out.   Other than that I am happy with how the upgrades turned out.

So clean, for now...

ever handy color wheels

Just need to group by colors

Now I will be able to find what I am looking for.

Dominus Nikandros surveys the new lair

I made these years ago, and forgot about them.  Gonna give them a try.

   The hobbyzone organisers are great.  Easy to put together and look great.  I didn't use the magnets, just tacked them together and they seem to hold up fine.  I am gonna use the two corner rack to place the paints I am using on models I am painting at the time.  I also tossed out some old dried out paint and other misc stuff that had accumulated over the years.  

   So now to get started on some new models.   


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Time for some upgrades...


     Been a little quiet around here lately.  I have been working on some upgrades for the lair.

The Lair

     I have been using this old Computer Armoire for a long time now, 6+ years.  And it has served me well.  So I am going to empty it out and clean it up and add some upgrades to it.  I have been itching to  add some HobbyZone organizers to it for a while now and decided to go ahead and get some before I start on a new painting project.  There is also a distributor in the USA now, HobbyZone USA

Kinda a mess...

Also kinda a pain to look for paints

Alas old hobby area I knew thee well, time to clean you up

Misc stuff...

     So I got my order placed, and I am in the process of printing some do-dads off for extra flair.  I pulled out all the stuff and added some pull out shelves in the side cabinet for the Paint shelves I ordered.

    So now to do a little sanding and repaint.  And I am hoping the shelves come in tomorrow so I can play with the assembly and positioning tomorrow night.  After that I need to probably make one more small order to finish a couple things and then possibly make a small little add on outta hardboard, but that will depend on how things fit.   And order some cloth to use for picture backdrops.  Though the fancy backdrops from Hanger 18 do look very tempting.  I will still have to decide on that.

   Other than that I have been playing around with some ideas for a army for Bayou this year.  I am trying to use stuff I already have, because all my other ideas end up running 700+ for a full army.  Which isn't terrible, but more than I want to spend right now.  Granted I have a ton of stuff in the Cabinets of Multiple Despairs, I will need odds and ends to finish off anything, but that's doable.   So till the next update, when I have more finished up, I am off to sand and make a mess.