Thursday, May 26, 2016

Brutes inbound...


     It's been a bit.  I had some issues with my lamps.  The overhead I use is a old OTT light model, which the lamp burnt out on me a few weeks ago.  Just about the time I got the last post up and everything was working.   I figured hey no biggie, order a new bulb and keep on.  But OTT light apparently standardized their bulb connections and no longer make a bulb to fit my old overhead.

So it was off to find something to replace it.  OTT light dosnt make a overhead anymore, which kinda sucks but I found something that worked.

Woot and on sale to.  Speaking of which, Keep a eye out on both Hobby Lobby and Joann's  if you are in the market for lights.  They are always putting out 40-50% off coupons and Joann's has the OTT lights on sale at least twice a year.  Good time to pick up replacement bulbs too.

I spent a day or so designing a base in Tinkercad and Printing it out.  Filled it with lead fishing weights to counterbalance the top, and did a quick white spray to finish it off.

Yay, let there be light again....

I decided to work on some odd and ends while I was figuring out what to do about my light.  I picked up a box of the AOS Orruk Brutes to check out and play around with.  GW may have dropped the ball with the whole death of WHFB, but they still do make some awesome kits.  These models are very nice ance go together great.  Pretty much no gaps to fill, and look cool to boot.  The only downside is they will be a lil more difficult to kitbash and convert, due to the way the kits go together.  But depending on how you model that may not affect you.

Few assembled shots.  On a Tablewar unit tray



Basing started

I used the Shattered Sanctuary mold from Wargamesbakery

And cork...

Ballast mix

First steps, I kinda got carried away and didnt take to many WIP shots...

First one finished.

That's all for now.  I am gonna finish up the last four and get them based.  I got a unit of Lower Abyssals for KOW next.  Gotta get started on that if I am gonna try to get to Bayou this year.


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