Saturday, October 1, 2016

To Do List 2016/17... Or Damn it's October Already???


     I am a lil late with this.  Been meaning to get round to it, but you know how it goes.  You look up and say hey I can do that tomorrow and when you look up again it's been over a month...

     So my last season didn't go as well as I would have liked, but it did help me get a few things done.  I got an army rebased, and my lair updated.  This year I am looking to be a little more consistent (Yes, I know I have said that before...)

     So what do I want to put on my Hobby schedule this time.  Well it originally looked like this

  • Rebase my Dwarfs to KOW - This one is due, I was holding off to see what was going to happening with Ranks and Flanks.  But the South has firmly embraced KOW, and The game is a great game, So I might as well bring my dwarfs over to play to...

  • Finish an entry for Armies on Parade - Probably BeastClaw Raiders.  I got an idea that would probably look pretty slick.

  • Work on some more Malifaux - These are more painting projects.  But I do have the start of an idea for a NightStalkers KOW list using Malifaux Models.

  • Get my 3d printed terrain finished up and ready to play on. - We found a great store to play at near here called Goldmine Games .  But I'm sure there will be times we just play round the house.  So it would be nice to put all my 3D printed terrain to good use.

  • Finish up my Nurgle Forces of the Abyss for KOW

But this is what I put together and wrote down in August.  So a few things have changed.

  • I cant get off work for Armies on Parade, so no point in busting my butt to finish them in time.  So the BeastClaw Raiders are turned into a painting project, which has the added feature of getting me a AOS army to push around if I wanted.

  • FreeBlade....  Damn this game lol, Now I want to paint some Knight Titans...

  • And of course everyone's old school Favorite, Genestealer Cult.   I have always wanted an army of these and they just got released.  

  • Free Space:  Cause I am sure something else will come up...
    So let's see how this goes this time.   I think my muse is finally back after her walkabout.  So maybe I will get a few things done.