Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hobby Season 2016/17 Review...


     Well looking back at my list, I don't think I finished one thing on the list.   Not to say I didn't get anything done, just not anything I had planned on.

Lair updates

     We closed in my front porch and turned it into a little additional room.  Which, allowed me to do some Lair updates.

Mighty Fighting Gamecocks 2017

     I did manage to almost finish a League of Rhordia army for Kings of War.  Still needs some work, but it was playable at least.

     Besides a few random figures here and there that was about it.  I had a few false starts on a couple projects, which i need to stop doing.  I end up with lots of extra stuff lying around.

     I will look at putting together a to do list later tonight or early next week for the new season.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lair updates...


     I realized something last night.  I never put up a post about my latest lair upgrade.   So here it is, the Lair 4.0 (I think)...

     I decided I wanted to upgrade my painting lair a bit a few months ago, so I started looking around.  I have been using bookcases with doors or computer armoires the past decade or so.  I have come to like the ability to close the doors and hide the mess, or keep parts away from prying fingers.  So I started looking around for another computer armoire or something similar.   After a few weeks of looking on and off I couldn't find anything that I wanted to mess around with.  So I turned to IKEA...

     Yes Ikea, I know, I know.

      But, if you look hard enough you can find some pretty nice things that won't cost you a arm and leg, and a kidney.  I had already picked up a desk from there a year or so ago that has worked well for what I needed.  So, after looking around I decided on a PAX wardrobe frame.  I ended up with this because it had the most options  for my buck.  I grabbed the frame, a set of the higher end doors, that matched the desk I have.  and several drawers and shelves, all of which pulled out.  It cost me around 600 dollars, which while a lil steep isn't to terrible for something I will be using for the next 4-5 years at least.  You can get it for several hundred dollars cheaper, if you get a cheaper set of doors.  The ones I picked was the most expensive part of the entire setup.  I also ordered a custom pull out drawer from Home depot to use as a workspace.  Ikea also has a little flash program on their site that lets you play around with layouts and print out a specific parts list for when you go and pick it up.  The worst part is actually going to IKEA, that store can seem like a death trap at times...

     The assembly wasn't horrible.  I took my time and had it assembled in a day or so.  Took me a week to move stuff into it, but I was organizing and purging at the same time...

     So onto the pics...


Open for hobbying  The two shelfs with the glass front are pull out drawers and one solid shelf at the top.  They actually hold quite a bit of stuff.

The pull out shelf gives me a lot of workspace to play with

Some of my paints, i still need to work on this a bit more.  Also you can see I placed a solid shelf and then bolted the pull out shelf to that.  I had to pick up several metal L brackets to support the entire setup, because I lean on the pull out shelf as a brace while I am painting.

And Jetta claims the new space for all of catdom...

     So there is my latest lair upgrade.  So far I like it quite a bit.  


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mighty Fighting GameCocks at Bayou 2017...

Here are the better pics of my Rhordia I took.

Full army shot.  The display turned out better than I was expecting it too.  I got a lot of positive comments about the entire army over the weekend which was awesome.  

Gandalf, my Battleshrine.  I ended up having to print a cart out from Hobgoblin-3D  and use a empire pistoleers horse.  The only problem is the cart covers the wound marker.  So I need to fix that.

Conversions using Malifaux War Wabbits

And conversions using Malifaux Rooster Riders

Warploque Miniatures Cocklegriff.  I'm gonna rebuild this one with the Westfalia General when I get him ordered

I ended up getting 2nd Player's Choice.  Which even several days later is kinda a shock.  I want to thank everyone who voted for my army, and thank everyone for the compliments and feedback.  

Now I am off to paint roosters and finish this army up.  I have a few ideas for some new units to bring too..


Bayou Battles 2017 picture Dump...


     Bayou was awesome as always.  I had a lot of fun, granted I didn't play as well as I would have liked.  But, considering I hadn't played in a while I wasn't too surprised.

     These are the pics I took at Bayou.  It's not all the armies that were there, I always seem to miss a few.  There were a lot of great looking armies there and I walked away with a few ideas to play with later.


I love this effect

My vote for players choice

     So like I said some awesome armies on display.

Here is mine.  Better pics in the next post.