Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Time for some updates...


     So it's time I did some catching up on here.  I have been busy the past few months and didn't make time to update, sorry about that.

     I have been working on my League of Rhordia that I took to Bayou Battles this year.  I almost got them done too. but, not quite.  Im will break this up into a few posts over the next couple days so it's not one giant post.

A pile of Halflings to assemble

     I am using Westfalia Miniatures models for my halflings.  I love these models.  Most halfling minatures you can find are the old dough boy style which are kinda goofy looking.  Which is ok.  The Westfalia are more serious looking, if that makes sense.  More along the lines of smaller humans, not the plump little goofballs alot of the halfling models tend to look like. 

     I also went to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up a sonic cleaner using one the plethora of 50% off coupons they always send out.  After cleaning the bows by hand, which got old fairly fast.  This sped up the cleaning process immensely.  Thought apparently mine will start to get hot after around 10 mins so I can only get so many cycles in before I have to turn it off and let it cool off.  Which after reading the instructions, it says not to let it run continuously for more than 15 mins or it might overheat.  But, its a cheap one and that's not terrible.

A mock up for a BSB.  

First set of my bases I printed out.  I used Printable Scenery's free base files and a wound counter I modified from duel D6s to duel D12s.  

The start of the assembly.

Empire Hellblaster as my volley gun.

All the bows and volley guns assembled and one of the brave hordes. 

I ended up having to mix in some Halberds into the braves to flesh out the numbers and add some variety.  Turned out well in my opinion.  I am going to have a full unit of halberds at some point to use as a unit with the brew of strength.

My priming box was too small, so I picked up some paint stirrers and used them as priming sticks.

My Gandalf on cart also showed up about this time.  I was disappointed on how small the horse and cart was.

The horse should be bigger than the rooster I am using for a halfling knight mount.  So I will have to fix that somehow...

Pins in my giant flying rooster thing.


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