Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hobby Season 2017/2018 To Do List...


     So my to do list for this season...   I was thinking about this this past weekend while at work during the little downtime I did have.  There are a few things I would like to finish up and work on.
Hopefully I will be a little more productive this year.  So onto the list.


  • Be a little more consistent in my hobby.  I have a tendency to bust my ass for a deadline, like for a tournament, and then burnout for a few weeks/months till I get around to working on something again.  If I work on things a lil more consistently, maybe I can avoid that.
  • I have an idea for a little display area for some of my models.  So I would like to get that done so I have a place to show off stuff and not just leave them boxed up after I am done with them.
  •  Hit up at least two tournaments here in Texas for Kings of War.
  • Possibly do an inventory of all the things I have in my Cabinets of Despair.  This will have to wait till it cools down.  And, I don't really know If I want to know what is lingering there.  It would be nice to know though.  I found 2 Grey Knight Termi boxes and a Dreadknight, I don't remember buying...
Kings of War
  • Finish my Halflings for Rhordia.  I need to finish the roosters and characters for my Rhordia army.  I would also like to add a few more units for variety.
  • I have lots of options for more lists, So I would like to get one of these done too.
    • Forces of Nature
    • Kingdoms of Men
    • Abbysals
    • and a really neat idea for a Nightmare list..
  • Get more games in, this is mainly me being lazy, but I have my Rhordia finished.  So really no excuses there.
Age of Sigmar
  • These are more painting projects, but I could see playing with them.  Not like the AOS rules are that complex.
  • NightHaunt:  I have almost a full set for a Nighthaunt themed list.  and the scheme I am gonna use is the ghostly colors.  So I think I am going to make this my first project.  A bit of a palate cleanser before I dive back into my Rhordia.
  • Kharadron Overlords:  I like the models for these guys.  So I may play around with painting up some of them.
  • This is where I am kinda stuck.  I would like to put together a 40K list, but I really cant decide on what i would really like to work on.  I have bits and pieces of several armies and a half metric ton of necrons.  I would just work on Deathguard, but I am a little leary of that, since they are the new Hotness.  But they would work so well with my painting style.  Grey Knights are interesting, but so is Genestealer cults and Adeptus Mechanicus...  So you can see my issues...
Other stuff:
  • Necromunda:  This is very interesting.  I am tempted to start buying terrain and getting ready for the release.  An awesome 4x4 with multi levels and walkways would be just the ticket.
  • Get terrain painted up for Kings, so we can play at my friends house with some nice terrain.  Since it is gonna get a lil cooler soon, Playing in the shed will be more comfortable, So this would tie in with me playing more also. 
    That should be enough, I'm sure something else will come up at some point.  But this is my plan for now.  Lets see how I do this time...