Thursday, January 4, 2018

First post of the New Year…


So we have entered another circulation around the life giving ball of plasma.  I hope everyone had a decent holiday season and came out of them relatively unscathed.

I have not been completely idle the past couple days.  I actually got a few things done.  Mainly housekeeping type stuff cleaning, rearranging etc..

2017-12-28 09.12.20

My desk right before the new year.

A mess as usual,  But I did manage to get my first unit of Spirit Hosts finished.  And its only 4 days into the new year, maybe this will bode well for this year’s painting…

Finished Spirt Host unit including Tablewar tray

2018-01-02 11.06.122018-01-02 11.06.172018-01-02 11.06.252018-01-02 11.06.582018-01-02 11.07.012018-01-02 11.07.062018-01-02 11.07.222018-01-02 11.07.50

I also got my Mourngul assembled and prepped despite the freezing temps here in Texas,  The house smells like primer, but they are ready for paint.

2018-01-03 07.23.15

So that is my next step finish up 2 more units of Spirit Hosts and 2 Mourngul.  Then all I have left for the Nighthaunt is 2 black coaches, 20 Hexwratih, and characters.  Not to bad at all.



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