Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New lil project…


I just got back from Goldmine and decided to pick up something new for some small lil paint projects.  I like lil contained groups of minis that can be used when I’m bored painting a larger project or just to get my hobby juices flowing.


Since I picked up the undead Shadespire box to use one model as conversion fodder.  I decided to take a closer look at the game.  It looks interesting and I like the fact the warbands are small and the game is portable.   So I got on eBay and found a seller who was parting out boxes and replaced the model I cut up and made a trip to Goldmine and grabbed a few things.

2018-03-09 03.28.56

So that gives me four mini projects to work on at some point.  I plan on grabbing either a halfsize or mini Tablewar case to use to transport these around.  I figure a unit tray for each warband and use the drawer to transport tokens and cards and the boards.  Sounds like they play this quite a bit at Goldmine, So I plan on doing one or two of the groups fairly soon.

What I haven't decided on is what size case.  The halfsize would carry all the available warbands and probably more.  The mini case would most likely only carry four at a time.   I like the idea of having everything when I go, but the mini case would be so much more portable.   Hmmmmm???



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