Thursday, March 15, 2018

NightHaunt Characters…


I got most of my Nighthaunt characters assembled so far.  I missing one more wraith, that I am gonna make a little more imposing as a general character..

2018-02-22 15.10.29

Group shot

2018-02-22 15.10.42

The two basic models Banshee and a Wraith

2018-02-22 15.10.57

Converted Wraith, using the necromancer for the Mortis engine

2018-02-22 15.11.00

He floats…

2018-02-22 15.11.09

A poor copy of Mengel’s Tomb Queen…

2018-02-22 15.11.22

Banshee, using a Banshee, Coven Throne Vampire, and Escher arms.  The Mistress of Blades…

2018-02-22 15.11.27

Back shot, should clean up just fine when painted.

2018-02-22 15.11.42

Knight of Shrouds..

2018-02-22 15.11.472018-02-22 15.11.54

Better Shots of him when I get him painted.

I'm gonna try to build a couple more things tonight, but I will see how far I get…



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