Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday afternoon…


     A semi-productive week.  I decided I needed to organize my paints better, since I ended up buying a few duplicates earlier in the week.  The HobbyZone trays are awesome, but don't really work for what my setup is.  So I took to looking around Thingverse for a printable file.  I found a couple that I am going to use,

Pic of my paints before2018-05-02 15.47.42

Not terrible, but definitely could be better.

A few days of printing later,

2018-05-03 14.39.33

Much better,  I might need one or two more of these, then off to print trays for my GW and P3 paints…

Oh and organize, by color and brand.  But that can wait till I get the entire set done…



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