Thursday, September 13, 2018

Bayou Battles 2018 Loot…


2018-09-07 02.36.34

Not a bad Haul form bayou this past year.  The dungeon saga box was what I got as a door prize, I also got the battlefield deck from mantic as a door prize.  The terrain Crate was for the Avatar competition, and I actually got a Chronos model as the Player Choice award, but I traded with my friend Dustin ( he has a thing for large critters…) and got the Trident Realm army box, along with the Edge of the Abyss book.

Here is a bit closer of a look at some of the stuff in the terrain crate box.  Lots of cool bits and pieces.  I already have plans for a few of them…

2018-09-08 21.48.44

2018-09-08 21.50.01

Two layers of plastic inserts in the box,  Here is layer 1

2018-09-08 21.50.04

Annnd Layer 2

2018-09-08 21.50.47

2018-09-08 21.50.49

2018-09-08 21.51.28

2018-09-08 21.51.21

2018-09-08 21.53.06

hmmmm, this may work for something I was planning on for Rhordia…

2018-09-08 21.53.53

2018-09-08 21.52.20

Not a complete unboxing, but everything looks cool.  A lot of it will be useful for multibasing units and as extra decorations for terrain.



Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hobby Season, To Do List for 2018/19…


40k to do badge2018-19 jade-01

   So what do I want to accomplish for the next hobby season.   My last season wasn't terrible, I did get some things completed and didn't pick up to many extra things to stack on the everlasting grey pile…

Kings of  War:

1:  Continue working on my Rhordia.  I still have quite a few ideas of things I want to add to this army, and I am still enjoying working on it, so I am going to continue with it.

2:  I do have a couple of ideas for both a new playing army and a new tournament army.  So I may work on either or both of those.  I think my Rhordia can do well at a couple of more tournaments then they will need a break so they don't become to overused.


1:  I would like to put something together for 40K.  It may end up being more of a painting project though.  I still have my necrons and now I have like 3 Knights floating around…

2:  I think the knights will be first.  I have been wanting to paint some since they were first released.  I have some Rhordia to finish first and a minor project or 2 to do first I think though…

Age of Sigmar

1:  Nighthaunt, Nighthaunt, Nighthaunt….  I am still a lil annoyed that these are not done and now that they have so many new units out, I am gonna have to take a step back and see what I want to do with them…

2:  The Chosen axes for Shadespire turned out well, so Fyreslayers could be an option for a painting project…


1:   Finish the last few warbands from the original release and work on the new ones from the new expansion.   This will be a fun lil side project to work on around other things.  Display trays and all…

2:  Get all the cards sorted and organized, and get some games in possibly.  After the new expansion  drops that should be easier since there will be more games going on, always more games going on after a new release.


1.  I would like to play some necromunda, but this will probably end up just being a painting project, or maybe turn a necromunda gang into a 40k or kill team group…

Other miscellanies thingy's…

I have a few side projects that I would like to do, maybe a blood bowl team (the new Nurgle looks fun).  Finish reorganizing my paints, the great model inventory of 2018/19?  Titans…. mmmm Titans….   I also have an idea for a single model I may paint up in October if I can get my Rhordia add on ready for Alamo.

Also hit up at least 2 tournaments this season.  I'm already going to Alamo in November.  and definitely Bayou in August of next year.  So maybe 1 or two more depending on work etc.…

That should be sought to get started with, I'm sure something will come out that will end up on his list too (speedfreaks).  But we will see how it goes.  Good luck everyone and have fun…



Saturday, September 8, 2018

Hobby Season 2017/2018 Review…


     Since I’m home sick I figured I would knock out this review before I crash for the afternoon.  Its a little late though.

40k to do badge2017-18-01 right background

So what all did I get done this past year.  Hmmm not as much as I would have liked

I did manage to finish a fully painted list of Rhordia, which turned out pretty good.

I got some Shadespire painted up, no games played.  But they were fun to paint.

I did a lot of work on an AOS Nighthaunt Army.  Then GW released the new book and added a lot of new units.   So I got a little frustrated with that.  I mainly picked Nighthaunt due to the limited unit choices. 

I did manage to hit up one tournament. and picked up Player’s Choice for my Rhordia.  That was very cool.

Other than that a couple of single models here and there.

     So on the whole not a bad season, just had a lot of stuff I wanted to work on.  But that can be good thing rather than a bad thing.  Its nice to have different things to bounce around too, keeps the hobby from getting to stale…