Thursday, September 13, 2018

Bayou Battles 2018 Loot…


2018-09-07 02.36.34

Not a bad Haul form bayou this past year.  The dungeon saga box was what I got as a door prize, I also got the battlefield deck from mantic as a door prize.  The terrain Crate was for the Avatar competition, and I actually got a Chronos model as the Player Choice award, but I traded with my friend Dustin ( he has a thing for large critters…) and got the Trident Realm army box, along with the Edge of the Abyss book.

Here is a bit closer of a look at some of the stuff in the terrain crate box.  Lots of cool bits and pieces.  I already have plans for a few of them…

2018-09-08 21.48.44

2018-09-08 21.50.01

Two layers of plastic inserts in the box,  Here is layer 1

2018-09-08 21.50.04

Annnd Layer 2

2018-09-08 21.50.47

2018-09-08 21.50.49

2018-09-08 21.51.28

2018-09-08 21.51.21

2018-09-08 21.53.06

hmmmm, this may work for something I was planning on for Rhordia…

2018-09-08 21.53.53

2018-09-08 21.52.20

Not a complete unboxing, but everything looks cool.  A lot of it will be useful for multibasing units and as extra decorations for terrain.



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